The Benefits and Challenges of Glass Front Cabinets – Part I

There are many pros and cons to choosing kitchen cabinets with glass front doors. Positive attributes include a modern, open sensibility with an array of glass to choose from, while negative attributes include the possibility of breakage and constantly cleaning fingerprints off of the glass.

Pros and cons considered, glass front cabinets impart a stylish compromise between the closed-in look of solid door cabinets and the light, airy openness glass doors provide.

Pros of Choosing Glass Front Door Cabinets

Glass front cabinet doors look more modern than wood or solid style doors, and because the inside of the cabinets are visible, they can be painted a fun, complementary color for a stylish statement.

Glass front cabinet doors will modernize an outdated kitchen and give it a more open look. Items in the cupboards are not completely hidden when you have glass doors, so it’s an opportunity to display colorful dinnerware or a set of fun vintage glasses.

The switch to glass cabinet doors doesn’t have to be boring; there’s a variety of glass fronts to choose, allowing for a customized look. Plain glass will show what’s in the cupboard, like boxes of cereal or kitchen gadgets, so if choosing clear glass, keep the cupboard contents neat and orderly.

Frosted glass is a great option for an open look while providing a shield to cabinet disarray. The pressure of keeping everything in its place eases when you use non-transparent glass.

A favorite with people who live in older homes is seeded glass. The glass is aptly named because it has small and large bubbles within the glass, giving it a wavy appearance. It’s a good choice for displaying a collection of pitchers or vintage dishes instead of pantry items.

We will continue with this blog post in the upcoming days with the cons of glass front doors.