3 Reasons to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors This Winter

During the winter, most activities move indoors because of the cold, gloomy weather. Once guests move inside, they tend to migrate to the kitchen. The kitchen is often regarded as the center of the house – the place that produces delicious food, entertaining stories, and cozy family bonding. Yet if your kitchen looks worn down or has equipment in need of replacement, guests are likely to stay away or feel uncomfortable there.

Cabinet doors are the kitchen parts most in need of replacement once winter arrives. The cabinets are usually positioned toward the center or upper center of the kitchen, so the eyes are drawn there first. We at The Door Company would like to show you some good reasons to replace your cabinet doors this season.

winterweatherBeat the Winter Blahs

Winter is unfortunately the prime season for depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), colds and flus, and the general “winter blahs.” One surefire way to cope with these blahs and illnesses is to do a light to moderate home renovation project. Kitchen cabinets are often one of the easiest ones – renovation is fairly quick and can be done with minimal mess. Winter is also an ideal time for a renovation crew to obtain permits quickly because business slows down as the weather cools.

Get Festive

At The Door Company, we’re dedicated to our doors and want you to feel enthusiastic about them, too. If you do your cabinet renovation yourself, you may not be able to customize the project the way you want. The Door Company works with all kinds of customizations and a plethora of woods including mahogany, cypress, oak, cherry, balsam, and many more. We are a full painting, staining, and glazing facility. We also provide molding and trim options that can be cut to fit your specific kitchen.

Renovated cabinets can also be made with removable fronts, pulls, and handles that can be customized for the holiday season. Consider ordering pulls and handles in festive reds and greens or highly polished silver and gold. For a personal touch, small pine branches, holly branches, and pinecones add a natural touch to updated cabinet doors and handles.

Embrace Modernity

As the second decade of the twenty-first century moves to the midpoint, an increasing number of homeowners want their décor to be more modern. Renovating or replacing your cabinets, even if you only replace the doors, is a great way to start. Consider refinishing cabinets using oak or cherry stains rather than paint colors from past decades, such as avocado, orange, or bright yellow. Replace wooden gliders with metal gliders to help doors and drawers open more smoothly.

This winter, don’t forget the impact a bright kitchen can make on your family and holiday guests. Work with the experts at The Door Company. With extensive experience replacing cabinet doorsand making the most of the kitchen space, there’s no reason to miss this chance for extra seasonal cheer. Contact The Door Company today for more information.