Common Designs for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Most kitchens are not complete without cabinets and shelving. Cabinet doors come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes, and cabinet installation is often the most expensive aspect of building or remodeling a kitchen. The style of the cabinets’ doors can be used to change or complete the atmosphere of the kitchen, and choosing the type of cabinet door is one of the more important practical and aesthetic decisions a homeowner will have to make. The following are a few of the most popular designs:

1.     Dark, flat frame with glass. A popular style for modern kitchens is to have contrasting colors and sleek, flat surfaces. This style of cabinet door has a flat frame with no detailing or molding, and either a clear or frosted glass front. The frame is usually wood or hard plastic that is painted black or another dark color. If the door’s glass is frosted, it is typically a contrasting white or light color. The knobs are usually stainless steel and very simple, with no detailed or intricate design. Overall, the cabinet doors have a very practical and utilitarian feel.whitekitchen

2.     Painted wood with molding. Classic cabinet doors are wooden with molding and detailing similar to what you would find on house furniture. Designed as much for their appearance as for their practical use, they are painted to match the rest of the kitchen, or they can be stained to bring out the grain of the wood.

3.     Flat frame with recessed panel. A white or light-colored cabinet door with a flat frame and a slightly recessed panel of the same color and material can be either traditional or modern, depending on the style of the rest of the kitchen. Even adding ceramic knobs instead of stainless steel pulls can make a huge difference in the cabinet door’s appearance. This is a very flexible style, and it fits well in most kitchens.

4.     Simple cabinet doors of mixed colors. Wood cabinet doors with a wide frame, a flat inset panel, and very little decoration can have a certain rustic charm if painted in different colors. Mixing the color schemes and using primarily non-matching earthy tones between multiple cabinet doors will give the kitchen the impression of having add-ons over many years, like a farmhouse. Using a collection of different styles will add to this effect.

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