Choosing Your Cabinet Hardware

Hardware is the finishing touch on your cabinets. The right statement pieces on your quality, handcrafted cabinet doors can make an impact on the overall atmosphere in a room. Sometimes, it’s difficult to pick the perfect hardware pieces to match your room’s personality. Here are some style examples and tips for making your hardware pop:

Pair simple knobs with clean lines. Shaker cabinets and other flat line cabinet doors benefit from simple statement pieces. Choose a brushed steel or bronzed metal for a look that is classic and stately in its simplicity.

Alternative materials go well with a vintage vibe. Use ceramic or glass knobs on traditional shaker cabinet doors or raised panel doors to create a contrast and highlight your cabinetry. Mix and match your hardware for a more eclectic look or choose a simple design to keep your hardware subtle and unique. These may go best with cabinets that don’t feature prominent hinges.

Treated rope or other materials may also be available for your kitchen design. Match rope to a nautical or rustic theme and use rubber or equally unique materials to make the textural experience of opening a cabinet door memorable.

lIndustrial pulls with screws make your kitchen space restaurant worthy. Simple, affordable, and ergonomic, the pulls will nicely accompany a number of different cabinet door designs in steel, brass, or brushed bronze. Some pulls are more artistic, while others are clean lined and sleek. Choose the look of your pulls based on your cabinetry and kitchen theme.

Choose contrasting or monotone coloring. Whether you want your hardware to pop or blend into your cabinetry is entirely up to you. Both designs have their merits. Create a feeling of cleanliness with white cabinets and white, porcelain hardware in a vintage hexagon shape or place dark bronze finishes against a natural, light wood stain.

Mission pulls appear antique and highlight other fixtures. These bold little knockers are out of the ordinary and can highlight the plain design of mission cabinetry. Pair with similarly contrasting fixtures for a classic and rustic complement.

Ultimately, it may take playing around with different colors, shapes, and materials against your cabinet doors. Take the time to carefully consider how the knobs or pulls and hinges will appear in your kitchen when implemented throughout the space. Luckily, if you end up with a design you decide you hate in six months, you can change the hardware out for a completely different look.