Make Your Cabinets New Again With These 6 Makeovers

Cabinets are a large and defining part of your kitchen. If they look old and run down, your home will too. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to spruce up your older cabinets to make them as good as new without replacing your entire cabinet space.

Use open shelving to highlight your kitchen ware. Have a set of dishes or unique appliances that you’d hate to hide behind a door? Consider creating inset shelving above normal cabinetry to showcase your collection of kitchen accessories, decorations, or cookbooks. Untitled design (4)

Paint or refinish cabinet doors. It is inadvisable to take on this project yourself unless your cabinet doors are completely flat. Professionals use techniques to ensure the quality of the craftsmanship remains intact while sharpening lines and creating a uniform stain or paint job. Having your cabinet doors resurfaced or refinished is a simple way to spruce up the space without having to invest in entirely new cabinetry.

Consider using stencils. If you’re tired of a simple look and need a way to add color into the room but don’t have the space for paintings or other accoutrements, try stenciling. Wood burned stencils are very popular on cabinets and provide a classy look while painted stencils add pops of colors and unique flair to the room. Stencil a set of cabinets or highlight a few corner areas with an accent stencil.

Add an accent cabinet. Replace one cabinet with a contrasting stain or color and use the cabinet as a display for glassware or other kitchen ware. A bold contrast of light and dark can really create a focal point in your kitchen if everything appears monotone or runs together too much.

Use a pattern inside the cabinet space. Whether you have glass paneled cabinetry or not, a pattern inside the cabinet space is a neat way to add personality to the room in a subtle way. Make it as bold or as quiet as you want. Any pattern or bold coloring inside a cabinet will make a statement.

Change the hardware. A simple but noticeable change for your cabinets could be in the hardware. If yours is outdated or feels boring, upgrade your hardware to make the room feel different.

There are many different ways you can customize your cabinet space to make your kitchen feel new again. Consider your budget and preexisting quality of your cabinets to make the best informed decision. For quality hardwoods, it will likely be beneficial to engage the services of a professional while particleboard or similarly inexpensive materials are better for a DIY update.