Upgrading Your Kitchen? 4 Reasons to Buy Handcrafted Cabinet Doors

November 3rd 2014 By John Barber

Whether you’re building a new kitchen or upgrading an existing space, using quality materials is the best way to provide customers with a quality product while reinforcing your reputation as a professional. Some homeowners opt for prefabricated cabinet doors; however, doing so risks receiving a profitable return on investment. Instead, guide your customers to the…continue reading the story

Quick Tips for Holiday Kitchen Care

October 20th 2014 By John Barber

The holidays are upon us, and the stress of the season includes more than just Christmas. October and November bring Halloween and Thanksgiving, and homeowners must prepare for these busy holidays. The kitchen can be a source of anxiety during these occasions, as it is the location for much cooking and cleaning. While you might…continue reading the story

Fall is Here! Is Your Kitchen Ready for Guests?

September 30th 2014 By John Barber

As the first days of fall arrive, we slowly make the move from a summer outdoor lifestyle to the comfort and warmth of our homes. Fall kicks off a jam-packed holiday season, from Halloween and Thanksgiving to Hanukkah or Christmas and New Year’s. This is the time of year where kitchens are filled with large…continue reading the story

5 Reasons to Consider Corbels and Brackets in Your Kitchen Remodel

September 19th 2014 By John Barber

Some of the most overlooked options in a kitchen remodel are the corbels and brackets. Corbels provide a useful and beautiful option for a variety of areas in kitchen cabinetry. Instead of simply choosing to support shelves or cabinets with a plain bracket, consider the ways corbels can be used to decorate while remaining practical.…continue reading the story

Different Styles of Cabinet Doors

August 23rd 2014 By John Barber

Depending on a customer’s vision for interior design, different cabinet doors cater to different tastes. A cabinet style can completely change the look of a kitchen with beautiful visual designs. Since cabinets require a substantial financial investment, it’s important to understand the distinguishing characteristics of each type. Flat-Panel This style features a single flat panel…continue reading the story

Rejuvenate Your Client’s Kitchen with Simple Changes

August 14th 2014 By John Barber

The kitchen is and always has been “the heart of the home.” Guests and visitors often spend the most time in the kitchen, eating, drinking, or simply socializing. After a while, however, a homeowner tends to get bored with their kitchen. They desire change, something to spice up their home just a bit. Unfortunately, kitchen…continue reading the story