Summer Entertaining in the Kitchen

July 30th 2014 By John Barber

Summer is a time of get-togethers and celebrations of all kinds. As a result, plenty of time is spent in the kitchen. The kitchen has traditionally been considered the heart of the home, and it often ends up being the center of gatherings. The size of modern kitchens when compared to kitchens of the past…continue reading the story

Bathroom and Kitchen Project

July 7th 2014 By John Barber

This client in Mooresville, IN upgraded both their bathroom and kitchen right before the July 4th weekend. This home project turned out beautiful. They chose shaker style doors with 3″ rails. If you would like to upgrade the doors on your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, or would just like more information, please contact us today at…continue reading the story

Easy Updates: Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

July 3rd 2014 By John Barber

Updating a kitchen doesn’t need to be a time consuming or labor intensive project. It also doesn’t need to break your budget. A simple and cost effective kitchen update is to replace the knobs or pulls on your kitchen cabinets and drawers. This gives your kitchen a noticeably different style while minimizing the cost and effort required…continue reading the story

Why You Should Choose Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

June 16th 2014 By John Barber

When it comes to decorating or remodeling a kitchen, it’s all about the details. And all those little details can add up to create a huge headache. Shaker cabinet doors are an element that shouldn’t cause much stress. They appeal to both traditional and modern styles, they’re easily transformed, and are extremely durable. What Are Shaker Style…continue reading the story

Benefits to Painting Your Wood Cabinets – Part II

June 5th 2014 By John Barber

Proper Prep The removal of doors, drawers, and shelves from the cabinet frame is necessary prior to painting. All wooden surfaces need to be scrubbed down using a deglosser. After the wood is cleaned, fill any cracks with appropriate material, such as a polyester wood or auto body filler. Once fillers are dry, sand down…continue reading the story

Benefits to Painting Your Wood Cabinets – Part I

May 31st 2014 By John Barber

Paint offers one way to update existing wood cabinets. It is usually inexpensive, and a paint job can often be completed quickly. Because paint is available in numerous colors, it can be matched to any kitchen fixture or other elements. For an updated look, it can be dramatic and bold, or subtle and understated. Depending on…continue reading the story