The Benefits and Challenges of Glass Front Cabinets – Part II

May 23rd 2014 By John Barber

Cons of Choosing Glass Front Door Cabinets Glass door fronts have an appealing quality and will add beauty to a kitchen, but there are cons that come with them. Glass is more fragile than solid doors, and when it breaks, it shatters. Keep dangerous razor-sharp shards from scattering where food is prepared by using strong,…continue reading the story

The Benefits and Challenges of Glass Front Cabinets – Part I

May 19th 2014 By John Barber

There are many pros and cons to choosing kitchen cabinets with glass front doors. Positive attributes include a modern, open sensibility with an array of glass to choose from, while negative attributes include the possibility of breakage and constantly cleaning fingerprints off of the glass. Pros and cons considered, glass front cabinets impart a stylish…continue reading the story

Unify Your Client’s Kitchen Design with Crown Molding

May 6th 2014 By John Barber

Crown molding can be the final finishing touch for any kitchen design, smoothing the transition between the ceiling and the wall or between the top of cabinets and the ceiling. Whether molding provides an elaborate look or is relatively simple, it can complete the design of any kitchen cabinetry and support the selected décor theme. Styles of…continue reading the story

How to Help Your Clients Update Their Kitchen Cabinets

April 9th 2014 By John Barber

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s important to help your clients keep it healthy! These days, homeowners spend more time socializing and cooking in the kitchen than ever before, making the kitchen the true centerpiece of their home. By encouraging your clients to watch for these signs, you’ll help them determine…continue reading the story

How Kitchen Improvements Increase the Value of Your Client’s Home

March 26th 2014 By John Barber

When discussing a home renovation with clients, the value of the project is typically at the forefront of their minds. For most homeowners, protecting and improving a home’s value is the end goal, so it’s important to help them understand how trendy projects can impact the value of the home. A kitchen renovation is considered…continue reading the story

5 Questions to Help Your Clients Plan Their Kitchen Renovation

March 10th 2014 By John Barber

Many homeowners know they want a kitchen renovation, but they often don’t have the details of the project figured out. Whether your clients are planning to simply spruce up the kitchen or are considering a drastic overhaul, it’s important to discuss their options for cabinetry. Most homeowners in this situation are confused about choosing between…continue reading the story