Helping Your Clients Understand Their Options for Cabinet Accessories

February 24th 2014 By John Barber

When homeowners are in the midst of a kitchen renovation, their main priority is ensuring that new cabinets are properly installed. The reality, though, is that success is in the details, something many homeowners overlook when the project is underway. By walking your clients through their options for cabinet accessories, you can ensure that they’re…continue reading the story

Top 4 Advantages to Using Custom Cabinetry

January 28th 2014 By John Barber

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets and doors, there are three main options available to your clients – stock, semi-custom, and custom. With each of these types, there are both pros and cons. Stock cabinets and doors are the most cost-effective choice, but they are not customizable and are limited in selection. Semi-custom cabinets…continue reading the story

Walking Your Clients Through Cabinet Door Finishing

January 14th 2014 By John Barber

One of the most important parts of the cabinet door selection process for your clients involves the finish. A great finish can transform kitchen cabinet doors and give the kitchen either a traditional or modern appearance. With the following overview of the basic finish types, you will be able to better help your clients understand…continue reading the story

Replacing vs. Refacing Kitchen Cabinets: A Guide for Your Clients

December 20th 2013 By John Barber

When kitchen cabinets become old and worn out, the answer seems simple: replace them. However, cabinet replacement is an extremely expensive job, one that many of your clients may not be able to afford. Instead, a more cost-effective option is refacing. To help your clients decide between refacing and replacing, there are a few factors…continue reading the story

Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets: What to Tell Your Clients

December 12th 2013 By John Barber

When you are working on a project that involves installing new cabinetry, there are many different options for your client to choose from. As this can be overwhelming for many clients, it is important to present this information in a clear and concise manner. To help your clients decide, guide them through the following four…continue reading the story

Helping Your Clients Understand The ROI of Kitchen Remodels – Part II

November 27th 2013 By John Barber

Continued from our previous blog post earlier in November… Major Upscale: Finally, a major, upscale kitchen remodel will cost an average of $113,464 and bring an average ROI of 59.7%. This remodel will include many high-end additions, such as cherry cabinets, natural stone countertops, designer faucets, a new cooktop, a commercial grade range and venthood,…continue reading the story