Helping Your Clients Understand The ROI of Kitchen Remodels – Part I

November 13th 2013 By John Barber

When it comes to home remodeling projects, one of the best choices to maximize return on investment (ROI) is the kitchen. While the ROI is higher for a minor upgrade, even a major facelift for the kitchen still draws a large return. This is because the kitchen is one of the first areas that homebuyers…continue reading the story

Are Your Customers Looking For Custom Designs in the Kitchen?

October 28th 2013 By John Barber

Maybe your customers have decided that their house needs an upgrade. This might include new siding, new windows, new doors, new paint and a new kitchen. Overhauls like these aren’t easy and sometimes finding the right company that specializes in these areas can be a real challenge. Nevertheless, you are a contractor and if you…continue reading the story

Respect Your Kitchen with Quality Cabinet Doors

September 15th 2013 By admin

Great cabinet doors make a kitchen a kitchen, just like a great lawn or a white picket fence can make a home a home. The texture and feel of your kitchen comes into play in so many different ways and when you want it to be inviting, then choose cabinet doors that make it stand…continue reading the story

The Door Company Gives Back to its Community

August 16th 2013 By John Barber

Surrounded by a community that does a lot to support our company, we here at The Door Company recognize the needs around us, and we strive to give back. That was the case when we heard about the Payne family and their plans to build a house with the Brown County Habitat for Humanity in…continue reading the story